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XZ-Series - Extra Heavy Duty Kingpinless Drop Forged (Capacity to 6,000lbs)



  • Hot forged ASTM 1045 steel
  • Eliminated kingpin failure due to severe shock loading
  • Top plate and inner raceway are integrally forged
  • Precision machined and hardened raceway
  • 1/2” diameter HRC 45 steel ball bearings absorb thrust and load
  • 3/4” standard axle
  • Zinc plated
  • Grease fitting in swivel raceway
  • 4 position notches standard


Typical uses for the XZ series include machinery dollies, portable steel storage racks, heavy duty work benches, production fixtures, and anywhere shock loading is anticipated.


Dual Wheel Casters

Load capacities from 6,000# to 40,000#
  • Ideal for distribution of heavy loads in extreme service environments
  • Hot forged ASTM 10454 Kingpinless design
  • Dual wheel differential design requires less energy to change
  • Direction
  • Custom specifications available to meet any existing design


Option # Type Size (A x B) Hole Spacing (E x F to C x D) Attaching Bolt Size
None Plate 5-1/4 x 7-1/4 3-3/8 x 5-1/4 to 4-1/8 x 6-1/8 1/2

Wheel Dia. Tread Width Wheel Type Load Cap. OAH Bearing Swivel Rigid
5 3 Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 1600 7-1/2 Roller XZ-0530-MOP-KP XZ-0530-MOP-R
6 2-1/2 Rubber/Steel (MOR) 700 8 Roller XZ-0625-MOR-KP XZ-0625-MOR-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 1600 Roller XZ-0625-MOP-KP XZ-0625-MOP-R
Phenolic (PH) 1600 Roller XZ-0625-PH-KP XZ-0625-PH-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 1700 Roller XZ-0625-SWC-KP XZ-0625-SWC-R
Steel (ST) 1800 Roller XZ-0625-ST-KP XZ-0625-ST-R
V-Groove (VG) 2000 Roller XZ-0625-VG-KP XZ-0625-VG-R
Ductile Steel (DS) 3500 Roller XZ-0625-DS-KP XZ-0625-DS-R
Ductile V-Groove (DVG) 3500 Roller XZ-0625-DVG-KP XZ-0625-DVG-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 3500 Roller XZ-0625-CDS-KP XZ-0625-CDS-R
3 Rubber/Steel (RS) 750 Roller XZ-0630-MOR-KP XZ-0630-MOR-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 2000 Roller XZ-0630-MOP-KP XZ-0630-MOP-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 2000 Roller XZ-0630-SWC-KP XZ-0630-SWC-R
Phenolic (PH) 2000 Roller XZ-0630-PH-KP XZ-0630-PH-R
Steel (ST) 2500 Roller XZ-0630-ST-KP XZ-0630-ST-R
V-Groove (VG) 2800 Roller XZ-0630-VG-KP XZ-0630-VG-R
Heavy Duty Polyurethane/Steel (EX) 3000 Roller XZ-0630-EX-KP XZ-0630-EX-R
Ductile V-Groove (DVG) 5000 Roller XZ-0630-DVG-KP XZ-0630-DVG-R
Ductile Steel (DS) 6000 Roller XZ-0630-DS-KP XZ-0630-DS-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 6000 Roller XZ-0630-CDS-KP XZ-0630-CDS-R
8 2-1/2 Rubber/Steel (MOR) 700 10-1/2 Roller XZ-0825-MOR-KP XZ-0825-MOR-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 1600 Roller XZ-0825-MOP-KP XZ-0825-MOP-R
Steel (ST) 1800 Roller XZ-0825-ST-KP XZ-0825-ST-R
Phenolic (PH) 2000 Roller XZ-0825-PH-KP XZ-0825-PH-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 2000 Roller XZ-0825-SWC-KP XZ-0825-SWC-R
V-Groove (VG) 2500 Roller XZ-0825-VG-KP XZ-0825-VG-R
Ductile V-Groove (DVG) 3500 Roller XZ-0825-DVG-KP XZ-0825-DVG-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 4000 Roller XZ-0825-CDS-KP XZ-0825-CDS-R
Ductile Steel (DS) 4000 Roller XZ-0825-DS-KP XZ-0825-DS-R
3 Rubber/Steel (RS) 900 Roller XZ-0830-MOR-KP XZ-0830-MOR-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 2500 Roller XZ-0830-MOP-KP XZ-0830-MOP-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 2500 Roller XZ-0830-SWC-KP XZ-0830-SWC-R
Steel (ST) 2500 Roller XZ-0830-ST-KP XZ-0830-ST-R
Phenolic (PH) 2500 Roller XZ-0830-PH-KP XZ-0830-PH-R
V-Groove (VG) 2800 Roller XZ-0830-VG-KP XZ-0830-VG-R
Heavy Duty Polyurethane/Steel (EX) 3500 Roller XZ-0830-EX-KP XZ-0830-EX-R
Ductile V-Groove (DVG) 5000 Roller XZ-0830-DVG-KP XZ-0830-DVG-R
Ductile Steel (DS) 6000 Roller XZ-0830-DS-KP XZ-0830-DS-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 6000 Roller XZ-0830-CDS-KP XZ-0830-CDS-R
10 2-1/2 Rubber/Steel (MOR) 950 12-1/2 Roller XZ-1025-MOR-KP XZ-1025-MOR-R
Phenolic (PH) 2000 Roller XZ-1025-PH-KP XZ-1025-PH-R
Steel (ST) 2000 Roller XZ-1025-ST-KP XZ-1025-ST-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 2200 Roller XZ-1025-MOP-KP XZ-1025-MOP-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 2500 Roller XZ-1025-SWC-KP XZ-1025-SWC-R
3 Rubber/Steel (MOR) 1000 Roller XZ-1030-MOR-KP XZ-1030-MOR-R
Steel (ST) 2500 Roller XZ-1030-ST-KP XZ-1030-ST-R
Phenolic (PH) 2500 Roller XZ-1030-PH-KP XZ-1030-PH-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 3000 Roller XZ-1030-SWC-KP XZ-1030-SWC-R
V-Groove (VG) 3000 Roller XZ-1030-VG-KP XZ-1030-VG-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 3000 Roller XZ-1030-MOP-KP XZ-1030-MOP-R
Heavy Duty Polyurethane/Steel (EX) 4000 Roller XZ-1030-EX-KP XZ-1030-EX-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 6000 Roller XZ-1030-CDS-KP XZ-1030-CDS-R
Ductile Steel (DS) 6000 Roller XZ-1030-DS-KP XZ-1030-DS-R
Ductile V-Groove (DVG) 6000 Roller XZ-1030-DVG-KP XZ-1030-DVG-R
12 2-1/2 Rubber/Steel (MOR) 1000 15-1/2 Roller XZ-1225-MOR-KP XZ-1225-MOR-R
Steel (ST) 1800 Roller XZ-1225-ST-KP XZ-1225-ST-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 2500 Roller XZ-1225-MOP-KP XZ-1225-MOP-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 2700 Roller XZ-1225-SWC-KP XZ-1225-SWC-R
Phenolic (PH) 3000 Roller XZ-1225-PH-KP XZ-1225-PH-R
3 Rubber/Steel (MOR) 1200 Roller XZ-1230-MOR-KP XZ-1230-MOR-R
Steel (ST) 2500 Roller XZ-1230-ST-KP XZ-1230-ST-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 3500 Roller XZ-1230-SWC-KP XZ-1230-SWC-R
Phenolic (PH) 3500 Roller XZ-1230-PH-KP XZ-1230-PH-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 3500 Roller XZ-1230-MOP-KP XZ-1230-MOP-R
Heavy Duty Polyurethane/Steel (EX) 4000 Roller XZ-1230-EX-KP XZ-1230-EX-R
Ductile Steel (DS) 6000 Roller XZ-1230-DS-KP XZ-1230-DS-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 6000 Roller XZ-1230-CDS-KP XZ-1230-CDS-R
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