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EZ-Series - Medium Heavy Duty (Capacity to 1,250lbs)


  • Double ball bearing swivel raceway
  • Heat treated raceways, top plate, & kingpin
  • Zerk fitting in axle and swivel bearings
  • Zinc plated
  • Double welded fork legs for superior strength


Typical uses for the EZ series include stock carts, wire shelving units, platform trucks, heavy food service, heavy appliances, etc.



Option # Type Size (A x B) Hole Spacing (C x D to E x F) Attaching Bolt Size
None Plate 4 x 4-1/2 2-5/8 x 3-5/8 to 3 x 3 3/8
A2 Plate 5 x 5-1/2 4-1/8 x 4-1/2 7/16

Wheel Dia. Tread Width Wheel Type Load Cap. OAH Bearing Swivel Rigid
3-1/4 2 Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 600 4-1/4 Roller EZ-0320-MOP-S EZ-0320-MOP-R
Phenolic (PH) 700 Roller EZ-0320-PH-S EZ-0320-PH-R
Glass Filled Nylon (GFN) 900 Roller EZ-0320-GFN-S EZ-0320-GFN-R
Steel (ST) 700 Roller EZ-0320-ST-S EZ-0320-ST-R
4 2 Rubber/Steel (MOR) 400 5-5/8 Roller EZ-0420-MOR-S EZ-0420-MOR-R
Round Grey Excel Plus Rubber (RGT) 375 Roller EZ-0420-RGT-S EZ-0420-RGT-R
Rubber/Aluminum (MORA) 400 Roller EZ-0420-MORA-S EZ-0420-MORA-R
Round Polyurethane/Steel (RPS) 700 Roller EZ-0420-RPS-S EZ-0420-RPS-R
Round Polyurethane/Polyolefin (RPP) 700 Roller EZ-0420-RPP-S EZ-0420-RPP-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 700 Roller EZ-0420-MOP-S EZ-0420-MOP-R
Polyolefin (PO) 700 Plain EZ-0420-PO-S EZ-0420-PO-R
Solid Polyurethane (SP) 750 Roller EZ-0420-SP-S EZ-0420-SP-R
Polyurethane/Aluminum (MOPA) 800 Roller EZ-0420-MOPA-S EZ-0420-MOPA-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 800 Roller EZ-0420-SWC-S EZ-0420-SWC-R
Steel (ST) 700 Roller EZ-0420-ST-S EZ-0420-ST-R
White Polyolefin (WPO) 700 Plain EZ-0420-WPO-S EZ-0420-WPO-R
Polyurethane/Polyolefin (MOPP) 700 Roller EZ-0420-MOPP-S EZ-0420-MOPP-R
Phenolic (PH) 800 Roller EZ-0420-PH-S EZ-0420-PH-R
Glass-filled Nylon (GFN) 800 Roller EZ-0420-GFN-S EZ-0420-GFN-R
V-Groove (VG) 600 Roller EZ-0420-VG-S EZ-0420-VG-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 1250 Roller EZ-0420-CDS-S EZ-0420-CDS-R
5 2 Round Grey Excel Plus Rubber (RGT)
450 6-1/2 Roller EZ-0520-RGT-S EZ-0520-RGT-R
Rubber/Steel (MOR) 450 Roller EZ-0520-MOR-S EZ-0520-MOR-R
Flat Grey Excel Plus Rubber (FGT) 450 Roller EZ-0520-FGT-S EZ-0520-FGT-R
Rubber/Aluminum (MORA) 500 Roller EZ-0520-MORA-S EZ-0520-MORA-R
Polyurethane/Polyolefin (MOPP) 750 Roller EZ-0520-MOPP-S EZ-0520-MOPP-R
Round Polyurethane/Polyolefin (RPP) 750 Roller EZ-0520-RPP-S EZ-0520-RPP-R\
Polyolefin (PO) 800 Plain EZ-0520-PO-S EZ-0520-PO-R
Round Polyurethane/Steel (RPS) 800 Roller EZ-0520-RPS-S EZ-0520-RPS-R
Solid Polyurethane (SP) 900 Roller EZ-0520-SP-S EZ-0520-SP-R
White Polyolefin (WPO) 800 Plain EZ-0520-WPO-S EZ-0520-WPO-R
Polyurethane/Aluminum (MOPA) 900 Roller EZ-0520-MOPA-S EZ-0520-MOPA-R
V-Groove (VG) 900 Roller EZ-0520-VG-S EZ-0520-VG-R
Steel (ST) 1000 Roller EZ-0520-ST-S EZ-0520-ST-R
Glass-filled Nylon (GFN) 1000 Roller EZ-0520-GFN-S EZ-0520-GFN-R
Phenolic (PH) 1000 Roller EZ-0520-PH-S EZ-0520-PH-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 1250 Roller EZ-0520-SWC-S EZ-0520-SWC-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 1100 Roller EZ-0520-MOP-S EZ-0520-MOP-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 1250 Roller EZ-0520-CDS-S EZ-0520-CDS-R
6 2 Rubber/Steel (MOR)
550 7-1/2 Roller EZ-0620-MOR-S EZ-0620-MOR-R
Round Grey Excel Plus Rubber (RGT) 500 Roller EZ-0620-RGT-S EZ-0620-RGT-R
Flat Grey Excel Plus Rubber (FGT) 500 Roller EZ-0620-FGT-S EZ-0620-FGT-R
Rubber/Aluminum (MORA) 550 Roller EZ-0620-MORA-S EZ-0620-MORA-R
Polyurethane/Polyolefin (MOPP) 900 Roller EZ-0620-MOPP-S EZ-0620-MOPP-R
Round Polyurethane/Polyolefin (RPP) 900 Roller EZ-0620-RPPS EZ-0620-RPP-R
Solid Polyurethane (SP) 1000 Roller EZ-0620-SP-S EZ-0620-SP-R
Round Polyurethane/Steel (RPS) 900 Roller EZ-0620-RPS-S EZ-0620-RPS-R
Steel (ST) 1200 Roller EZ-0620-ST-S EZ-0620-ST-R
Polyurethane/Aluminum (MOPA) 1200 Roller EZ-0620-MOPA-S EZ-0620-MOPA-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 1200 Roller EZ-0620-MOP-S EZ-0620-MOP-S
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 1250 Roller EZ-0620-SWC-S EZ-0620-SWC-R
Polyolefin (PO) 900 Plain EZ-0620-PO-S EZ-0620-PO-R
White Polyolefin (WPO) 900 Plain EZ-0620-WPO-S EZ-0620-WPO-R
Phenolic (PH) 1200 Roller EZ-0620-PH-S EZ-0620-PH-R
Glass-filled Nylon (GFN) 1200 Roller EZ-0620-GFN-S EZ-0620-GFN-R
V-Groove (VG) 1000 Roller EZ-0620-VG-S EZ-0620-VG-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 1250 Roller EZ-0620-CDS-S EZ-0620-CDS-R
8 2 Rubber/Steel (MOR)
600 9-1/2 Roller EZ-0820-MOR-R EZ-0820-MOR-S
Rubber/Aluminum (MORA) 600 Roller EZ-0820-MORA-S EZ-0820-MORA-R
Flat Grey Excel Plus Rubber (FGT) 675 Roller EZ-0820-FGT-S EZ-0820-FGT-R
Round Grey Excel Plus Rubber (RGT) 675 Roller EZ-0820-RGT-S EZ-0820-RGT-R
Polyurethane/Polyolefin (MOPP) 950 Roller EZ-0820-MOPP-S EZ-0820-MOPP-R
Round Polyurethane/Polyolefin (RPP) 950 Roller EZ-0820-RPP-S EZ-0820-RPP-R
White Polyolefin (WPO) 1000 Roller EZ-0820-WPO-S EZ-0820-WPO-R
Round Polyurethane/Steel (RPS) 1000 Roller EZ-0820-RPS-S EZ-0820-RPS-R
Solid Polyurethane (SP) 1000 Roller EZ-0820-SP-S EZ-0820-SP-R
Polyolefin (PO) 1000 Roller EZ-0820-POR-S EZ-0820-POR-R
V-Groove (VG) 1200 Roller EZ-0820-VG-S EZ-0820-VG-R
Steel (ST) 1250 Roller EZ-0820-ST-S EZ-0820-ST-R
Crown Ductile Steel (CDS) 1250 Roller EZ-0820-CDS-S EZ-0820-CDS-R
Crown Polyurethane/Steel (SWC) 1250 Roller EZ-0820-SWC-S EZ-0820-SWC-R
Polyurethane/Steel (MOP) 1250 Roller EZ-0820-MOP-S EZ-0820-MOP-R
Polyurethane/Aluminum (MOPA) 1250 Roller EZ-0820-MOPA-S EZ-0820-MOPA-R
Phenolic (PH) 1250 Roller EZ-0820-PH-S EZ-0820-PH-R
Glass-filled Nylon (GFN) 1250 Roller EZ-0820-GFN-S EZ-0820-GFN-R
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